Above all, I am a teacher. By walking in the shoes of others and understanding how they think and learn, I am effective at making people better–at business, sales, strategy, negotiating, and poker.

Just as I use humor and a creative approach in my writing, I bring the same approach to my speaking. I
deliver personalized keynote speeches that include poker lessons and tournaments to groups and business that entertain, educate, and motivate.

My clients include:
Top of the Table insurance association, YEO, YPO, Apex Data Services, the Kauffman Fellows Program, Reed Smith law firm, the Cornell Club, and Eclipsys.

As an MBA and a former management consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers, I have the ability to bring an outside perspective to a business and work with you to make it better. On a limited basis, I am available for consulting to both small and large companies. Since all companies have different needs, please send an email to
gregdinkin@gmail.com to learn more.
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